On my desk is a photoshopped cover from a steampunk adventure novel.  A zeppelin emerges from the clouds, and a handsome, young couple, in victorian garb, posture amid a steamy adventure.  At the bottom of the picture, a caption reads…

“Today is what you imagine it to be.”

I submit to you: life is an amazing adventure when you know what treasures you seek.  Thrills, excitement, romance, heros and villains, they’re all here.  In this world, there is the best of the best and the worst of the worst.  There is pain and victory, love and fear.   Nothing is assured but the journey and the guidance of an inner voice.  From there, the ride takes you through a world of amazing opportunity.  What manner of strange things may befall you?  What mysteries might you unfold?  What pitfalls could enslave you?  What victories will you celebrate?  This is the wonderful tapestry of life.

Is this reality, or perception?


Realists get upset when you see the world as a wonderful place of opportunity.  They’ll direct your attention to the headline news; Just look at all the evil people in the world, the murders, rapists and deceivers.  Look, another child was killed by a drunk driver.  How can you ignore the horrible state of things?  The economy is unstable, big business is enslaving us all, and our government is doing nothing to stop it!  Global warming, earthquakes, floods, famine, locus!  Corruption everywhere!  My God, surely the rapture is coming soon!

Why do realists focus so much on the negative?  Perhaps they feel it will give them an edge in the event that a devastating challenge should enter their lives.  I don’t know, and I really don’t care.  But, if reality is all you want, here it is…

“You’re born, you live, and you die. Everything else, you decide.”

Is that too simple?  Fine.  I’ll complicate it so the realists can understand it a little better:  99.9 percent of the crap that people concern themselves with, while they’re here on earth, won’t matter to anyone in a hundred years.  Hell, most of it won’t matter in five.


What really matters?  Our perception.  One boy could own a cup and a bowl, and feel that he is truly blessed that he has clean water and rice to put in them. Another boy could get the latest Iphone for Christmas and hate life because his parents got it in the wrong color.

So, which kid is living in reality, and which one is living a delusion?  The answer is, “both.” Perception is reality, and left to it’s own devices, our experiences will create our reality or delusion.  On the flip side, control your perception, and “reality” is whatever you want it to be.


You take this wonderful world for granted when you focus only on the negative.  We live in amazing times.  Is it perfect?  Of course not.  We worry when business drops or when our soldiers are away.  Drug use by our children is at an epidemic high.  Hell, who wouldn’t drone out with so much negativity and entitlement being, simultaneously, pumped up your ass on a daily basis.

What’s the option to a zombie lifestyle?  A new perception of what is real.

Wake up, dress the part, and have an adventure.  Get out of your routine, and see your life from a different perspective.  Today really is what you image it to be.  If you were a time traveler from a hundred years ago, the world we live in would appear wondrous in every way.  There’s a good chance you’d find yourself saying, “What a spectacular time to live in.  What a wonderful world of endless opportunities!”