We‘re pounded by them everyday: Family problems, weight problems, addictions, problems on the job, and a whole spectrum of internal and external issues that never get fully resolved.  Some problems repeat themselves month after month, year after year- The same problems, over and over, using the same solutions that never work.

Why do we glom to these old solutions that don’t work and never will?  Because real solutions require hard work.  They rarely last, because, well… They’re hard!

What’s the alternative?  Embrace the idea that in order to free yourself from unresolved problems, you MUST GET CREATIVE!  The focus should not be on the problem, the focus should be on YOU.


Write down four things that, if done on a daily basis, would create a happier life for you. Four things, no more, no less.  Make ‘em short, honest and specific.  They can be anything from “get more sleep” to “spend ten minutes a day just talking to my kids”.  Maybe you want to “exercise for thirty minutes a day” or “cut back to ten cigarettes a day”.  Whatever you can do to feel happier about yourself on any given day.

Keep in mind, these are not goals like “lose fifty pounds” or “marry a millionaire”.  Big goals require some planning and down-the-road thinking. These are just four daily actions that you can do to make your life happier.  That’s all.

You goal is to complete all four of your listed items within a 24 hr. period, then it starts over.  You’ll find that this small commitment to yourself can be immensely hard to keep. Sometimes you’ll succeed, other times you won’t.  That’s the journey.


Whenever you’re faced with an aggravating problem, unless it’s an absolute emergency, you are NOT going to deal with that problem at that given moment in time. Instead, you’ll immediately focus on accomplishing one of your “four things”.  This will be your NEW WAY of handling ongoing daily problems.  It will look like you’re crazy at first.  Something won’t be right- A disturbance in the force will put others on edge.  Embrace it, and stick with it.

It’s easy to see how this works: One, it takes the reactive energy away from the problem.  And two, it puts the attention on your personal well being and happiness.  Later, you can approach the problem with greater confidence and forethought.

Your new challenge starts and ends with each 24 hr. day.  If you failed yesterday, it doesn’t matter.  It’s all about today.

Good luck, should you decide to try this out.  I look forward to your feedback.