As an artist, you face a unique set of challenges when you fully commit to your work.  Everyone knows that you’re a unique commodity, yet they will seldom tell you so.  You may fully embrace your passion and give it your all, but who will rush to your corner when the chips are down?  …Nobody.  Why?  Because the world cannot control a person who knows what they’re worth and listens to their own inner voice.  They can’t put you to work in a dead-end job or sell you crap that you don’t need.  A true artist has a mind of his own.

You may be gifted, but you’ll never be an artist until your ability and commitment are both on the same team.  Every great talent has been told, many times, they would fail.  The “starving artist” is a term I absolutely despise.  These “fear words” are meant to whip the dreamer into submission.  Gifted individuals are advised to display their talents only as a sideline act.  But a true artist commits…

What does commitment look like? Your talents may rank with Beethoven or DaVinci, so what?  It might as well be a skin rash if you don’t manifest it into reality.  In other words, “do something with it.”  Talent is nothing without action.  Let me say that again.  “Talent is nothing without action!”

One of my biggest flaws has been indecision.  This comes from the fear that a failed attempt might overshadow my previous successes.  Nobody wants to waste time on failure, nobody wants to look untalented, but that’s the risk you accept as an artist.

I am an artist, and I except that not everyone will agree.  I am a filmmaker, I accept that not everyone will enjoy my films.  I‘m a student of life, and I learn something new everyday.

Thanks for joining me on this journey, even as you take on your own.  Hopefully, you come across something in the Dirt Capsule that plays into your life, gets you over the next hump, and on to whatever it is you’re looking for.