Thanks for coming to the Dirt Capsule.  My name is Ben Juhl.  I’m no genius.  I’m just a guy who likes making movies.  That’s all.

It’s very simple really; I fully embrace my art.  As a writer, I craft the script.  As a painter and sculptor, I create the props, sets, and visual effects.  I do makeup, sew costumes and design the over-all look and feel of the film.  I’m a director, actor, editor, and as a musician, I can lay down a suitable score.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not a pro at everything.  As a matter of fact, there are things that I plain suck at, and I’ll delegate almost any position to someone better qualified.  But…, I’ll be damned if that film doesn’t get finished.

This is the position that I operate from: I’m a student of life, and the more I learn, the better I get.  If you give up on your calling, it had better be for “one reason”, and one reason only: You don’t love it anymore.  While still walking this planet, no other reason is good enough.  It doesn’t matter who disapproves or what other responsibilities you have, if you love it, YOU DO IT.

But what about everything else?  I have a wife, kids, and a decent job.  I’m in school, in a small town or out of work.  How do I pursue this passion and still make a comfortable living?  How do I balance out my life so that I’m not a slave to it.  What if my idea is a dumb one?  What if nobody cares?

The journey is waiting for you even if you decide not to take it.  A true artist battles with himself (or herself) every day.  It’s like a movie where you are both hero and nemesis.  The problem is, all the bad guy has to do is keep asking questions.  Stall the hero long enough, and the movie’s over.  It’s your story, you decide how it ends.

My story takes place here on the Dirt Capsule.  I welcome you as my special guest on a journey of discovery- Every day is an exciting challenge, sometimes real, other times imagined, but always fun and insightful.  If the Dirt Capsule doesn’t change your life, that’s just fine.  My goal is that you enjoy your time here.  An artist and a filmmaker could ask for nothing more.